En una casa, la buhardilla es el sitio donde ocurren las cosas más interesantes. Es la habitación donde puedes encontrar tus recuerdos, tus miedos y tus sueños...
En el cuerpo humano, la buhardilla podría ser la cabeza..
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The personal data 
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The personal data 
transfered by the customer, necessary for carrying out the orders will only be used for the execution of the purchases signed with us. The user data are private and allow the identification of users, we process this data with advertising purposes, market research to develop, improve our telecommunications services and create profiles of users.

The customer has the right not to consent to the use of your data in this way.

To have more information, derogate the consent to the processing of personal data and user data, it must submit a letter via mail to info@labuhardillatshirtcompany.com
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